Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quick Samantha Update

Samantha had her 6 week follow-up with the doctor following her Kidney stone in July / August. She had had some tests run after her last appointment and we got the results.

I like the urologist. When he heard we homeschooled, he has taken every thing he's told us and turned it into a little lesson - he even explained what pH is to Samantha (and that was good because I had forgotten since we haven't gotten to chemistry yet).

All of her results were very good - except she's not drinking enough water. No surprises there! But we were happy to hear that she DOESN'T have a propensity to develop kidney stones - which is good because its unusual enough that an 11 year old had a kidney stone.


Lita said...

So glad to hear she's doing ok!

Whitney said...

Glad to hear it shouldn't be a continuous thing.

I also caught up on all your entries for a while. I am so proud of your son for getting the game ball and then asking you to put it in a box. How cute is that??

I love Emma's long hair, wow it has grown and she looked all grown up with her backpack on. so cute.

And Samantha playing soccer, wow what long legs she has. 11 seasons!!! That is awesome. And it looks as if she still enjoys it.

We have pared down sports this year, no one plays soccer, Nicholas still swims though and the girls are horseback riding now. In the winter we will pick up basketball and cheerleading, but for now we are trying to keep our weekends open.