Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of Preschool!

Since we are homeschooling, its been a while since we've had a big "send off" first day of school. But, today was that day! Emma went off to her first day of preschool.

She has been so excited that we have been counting down "sleeps" (the number of times she has to go to bed at night) until it was the day. And she came running into our room this morning, dressed in clothes that she picked out (which we changed, incidentally) ready to go!!

So we had our breakfast, packed our lunch, and we were ready to go.

Emma has preschool at an "in home" preschool with the wife of the pastor at our church. There are 8 kids in her class each day - Monday and Wednesday. Emma jumped out of the car and headed up the sidewalk to her driveway and then up the driveway. The teacher has all the kids sit down on her sidewalk until everyone gets there.

Then they walk in together and head down for their school day!


CloverGirl said...

She is just adorable, Nancy!! I hope she had a fantastic day at preschool!!!

agent713 said...

She's adorable!!! (and yes, I thought of that word before I saw Brandi's comment LOL)

I hope she has a blast on her new adventure!