Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Equal Time

We finally have some photos to share of Samantha playing soccer. In all fairness, part of the struggle with getting soccer photos is that there is a lot of running. And by the time you realize that Samantha's near the ball, its gone and you haven't taken a shot.

So, I took hundreds of photos this weekend using the "Continuous" shooting mode on the camera, hoping I could get a handful of good ones.

Samantha is playing her 11th season of soccer this fall in the Under 12 division. Here team is currently 1-0-1. They won this past weekend 1-0 and played hard most of the game. I think most of their games this season are going to be close, and low scoring, as all of the teams are pretty competitive.

So here are a few more photos of Samantha going after the ball and kicking it down the field in this past Saturday's game:

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