Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Letting kids be kids

This is probably a debate that has been going on in parenting circles for a long time - letting kids be kids.

The debate takes a different twist when you have a child with Diabetes. Its figuring out how to have your child live a normal life, eat normal foods, and do normal activities without having them (or you) become neurotically obsessed with how the diabetes is affecting that life, or that food.

This has sparked a spirited debate on the diabetes message board I read. Another member posted a great list of "Here's how I know I'm not letting diabetes take over our lives" and I wanted to share it - because I've done almost all of these things too:

We have seen the meter read HI (over 600)
We have forget to dose for a meal
We scratch our heads and say what the heck
We've tweeked the dosing too much, and we've tweeked not enough
We do not restrict food (except what I do for all my kids)
We've slept through the 3am check
We do see numbers in the 200 & 300's
We WAG the carb content of foods pretty regularly
We've blown off a post or pre check
We've over dosed and had a severe low
We've left the house without the meter (and debated even going back for it)

I realized that diabetes had just become a normal part of our lives last week when I was taking Emma to a sitter (who is an RN) and forgot her meter. I actually did debate with myself whether I should go back for it, since I was pretty confident she wasn't going to be low and I was sure she wouldn't need to test, and of course its a pain to turn around and go back the TWO BLOCKS to get it from my house. But, reason prevailed and I went back to get it (honestly, because I had the "what if I get in an accident and she has to keep her longer" thought)

So, I feel pretty good that we are letting Emma enjoy her childhood as much as she can, and diabetes has just been integrated into it just like any uniqueness that any of our children have.


CloverGirl said...

Nancy, you're such a great mom! My friend's DS has diabetes, and she struggles with similar things as you do. I don't envy either of you, and I can't pretend to understand. All I do is listen when she wants to vent and help her out as much as I can.

They are going to look into a pump for him, I believe, so hopefully that will take a little strain off them.

Way to go with trying to keep Emma's life as normal as possible. Keep up the great work!

The Stopper Family said...


Tell your friend that we LOVE our pump and there are so many things that we would give up BEFORE we ever gave up her pump!!

Bennet said...

You are so on the money.

Kids need to be kids.

BTW that looks a lot like Disney in that family picture, date I say Mickey's Christmas Party.

That is what it is all about.

Bennet said...

that date was dare in my head, my fingers got it wrong

The Stopper Family said...

Yes, Bennett - that is the MVMCP last December at Disney!