Thursday, August 21, 2008

Emma Funny

We laugh a lot at the things that Emma says day in and day out, but we had a couple of really funny ones yesterday.

Mike came home from work early so I could go to a meeting, but that didn't happen because of a migraine. Mike was helping me with my migraine and we asked Samantha to check Emma's blood sugar, because it hadn't been checked when she got up from her nap.

Samantha checked it and we didn't hear her tell us what the reading was. Finally, Emma told us that her reading was 81. That's at the lowest end of her range and I knew that she was going to be active later, so we wanted to give her a little juice to keep her up. We yelled down for Samantha to give her 2 ounces of juice.

And Emma yells back upstairs "But I was 81! I don't need juice".

So, we had to reason with a 3 year old as to why she had to have juice when she was "in range". Too Funny!

Then, last night she told Mike that she didn't have a good nap yesterday. When asked why, she said she was taking care of Dora, who was sick (her stuffed animal). I asked her last night why Dora was sick. I finally got the entire story. Dora was "sick of Pluto bugging her" (another stuffed animal). Pluto was evidently licking Dora and she didn't like it. So, I made Pluto leave the room for the night and told her that she should sleep fine now that Pluto is not in a position to make Dora sick!

I swear I think she needs to become a writer or something because the things that she comes up with are just hilarious!

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Jacque said...

That girl is really "the cat's meow" as my Mama would have said.