Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!

So, as I hoped - we had our first day of school today.

We covered about half of our subjects today and we'll cover the other half tomorrow and then dive in full.

We talked about what we were going to study for history and we read a little bit about how you learn history and about archeology, since we'll be talking about that a lot when we talk about Ancient History. I showed them a little of the books we are going to look at, and the maps we are going to study, etc.

We also talked about science. For some reason, I have trouble getting up the motivation for science. I don't know why. This year we are trying a book called "Critical Thinking Through Science". Its a lot about observations and drawing conclusions and forming opinions (like my kids don't have enough of those already). Today we talked about those aspects of science and talked about how we would have a science notebook where we would document our activities and observations. I'm going to bounce around a little and even throw in a unit from My World Science, like we've used in previous years, but I'm off to a better start than the past two years

Then we did some math. I had each of them do some review problems for things they learned last year - we'll see how much they remember. I'll probably do that for a couple of days before we dive into new material for either of them.

And we had McDonalds for lunch! Because you can't have McDonalds for lunch if you go to regular school! :)

1 day, 179 to go!

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Whitney said...

Sounds like you had a great first day of school. I bet the kids were excited to get started again. Science will come don't worry, the kids will make you motivated!!