Monday, November 26, 2007

The next 24-hours will be unbearable

I finally told the kids we are going on vacation. I told them we are going on vacation tomorrow. They asked where? I asked them where they wanted to go and they both said "Disney World" at the same time. So I said "OK".

It took 10 minutes to scrape them down off the ceiling.

I'm not sure they're gonna make it through the next 24-hour without having an excited nervous breakdown!!

Weather still looks great - even the small chance of rain appears to have passed!


LvHmBirth said...

And now you know why, on the last trip, we didn't tell the kids we were going to Disney World until we were actually inside the park. :-D Have a great time!

zebrafeet said...

have fun. i cannot believe you just now told them!

Jacque said...

The Mom appears to be excited, too. So are we.


The Stopper Family said...

Yeah, LvHmBirth - last time they didn't know until we drove in (after we drove all night). The time before we told them we were taking a plane to see Granny and Grandaddy - which technically was accurate because Granny and Grandaddy were at Disney World!

This time, I just couldn't come up with something that could justify the packing and what I needed to get done today!

Whitney said...

Ours know but we didn't tell them until July. I couldn't keep the secret anymore. I had kept it for 5 months at that point. Now they know and the countdown is on. t-minus 18 days for us!!!

Hokie Gal said...

Have a great time!!

When I took my niece in May, I told her when we picked her up from school and said we were taking a trip for her birthday. She had enough time to finish packing her suitcase that her mom started packing before leaving.