Friday, November 09, 2007

I've done some Christmas shopping and didn't even realize it

I have had boxes showing up at my house almost every day for the past week. They were piled in the hallway for a while. I have finally gotten around to unpacking and sorting and putting away everything in them.

I had 2 boxes of Tastefully Simple food. Yay! They have some new items that I got for us to try and I'm excited about giving them a try.

I got a new backpack to take on our trip to Disney. We have worn out our old ones and I need a good sturdy zipper one to be carrying around Emma's supplies on our upcoming trip to Disney.

I had 2 boxes of Candles and candleholders for the recent Partylite catalog party I had. I was burning a variety of candles all over the house tonight after unpacking that box.

I have a box of games. There is a relatively new direct sales company that sells games. Most of them have a little educational aspect to them, but they are all pretty cool looking. My nephews and kids will be seeing these at Christmas.

I also had a box of American Girl dolls and clothes. I had a friend who lives in Minnesota go shopping for me at the American Girl outlet sale in Wisconsin this summer. I finally got my items. Emma will be getting a bitty baby and Samantha a new historical doll. There are also new outfits for the babies!

So, I've actually started. That's good since I feel a little rushed when I take a trip at the beginning of December, so this will get me going ahead of time!!

And there are also 5 bags and boxes of stuff that will be given away to Vietnam Vets when they come for a pickup next week - right by the door and ready to go!


zebrafeet said...

i'm impressed with the organizational skills! i have 2 bags to take to planet aid. i'm woefully unprepared for my move - in 6 days!

Whitney said...

I just took a bunch of bags AND some furniture to the Goodwill!! I have two more bags in my car awaiting a trip to Goodwill!