Thursday, November 08, 2007

19 days!

We leave for Disney in 19 days. Well, actually 18 days if you count the fact that I'm getting ready to go to bed.

I feel woefully unprepared for this trip. I ordered a new backpack that we need the other day and its coming. I need to purchase a bag to carry all of Emma's supplies but I haven't yet. I haven't taken "inventory" to see if the kids have the right amount of the right season's clothes.

I also need to read the menus again of the places where we plan to eat so I can research some carb counts for Emma. We can actually load them into her pump to have them ready to choose from a list when we go to dose her. But I need to do the work.

I think the reason I haven't been doing any preparing recently is because of how Disney changed their reservation system. It used to be that you could only make dining reservations 90 days in advance - now you can make them 180 days. And you MUST make them 180 days in advance in order to get what you want. So, my reservations were made in May. You lose a little momentum in that time.

And, I feel a little behind on the schoolwork so I feel the need to get a good bit more done before we leave. And just when I think we have a weekend off to "organize my thoughts", something else is scheduled. This weekend Michael has a soccer "end of season" tournament, the following weekend Samantha has a "dance festival", then its Thanksgiving and then we go!! Whew - I'm tired just thinking about it.

But nothing will stop us from getting on that plane early in the morning on November 27th to our favorite vacation destination!!

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Whitney said...

This post just kicked me into gear. We are 35 days from Disney AND I had completely forgotten about meal reservations. Oh no! I hopped on the phone and started asking for anything "Princess" and what else do you have. Luckily, 2 hours later we had reservations for every meal needed and wanted. It is nice to not have any prior expectations this year. Next time though we will be calling 180 days in advance!! We also upgraded our tickets to add one extra day of passes so now we have 8 glorious days with our favorite princesses and characters. Any good suggestions for things to do and not to miss? Email me!!