Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's true, you only truly appreciate your parents once you have children yourself

I just spent the day on the soccer field. Starting at 8am and leaving at 4pm.

It was 45 degrees for a HIGH today.
The wind was blowing and there was LOTS of moisture in the air.

I've been home for a couple of hours and I still don't think my toes are thawed out. My fingers are still stiff and tingly as they are warming up.

You know its cold when the 8-year-olds are saying its too cold to be outside!!

But, I was out there because I volunteer my time with the soccer league that the kids play in - everyone needs to pitch in to help.

Gives me a new appreciation for the numerous cold games my parents attended during my childhood.

And, P.S., Michael had the best two games of his season today!! He played great!


Jacque said...

Cold at one particular soccer game, freezing at some baseball games, absolutely frozen at Christmas parades -- only one chapter in parenting.

Whitney said...

I froze too on Saturday at the soccer games. We had three in a row and were only out there about 3 hours compared to yours. It was windy as all get out and cold to the bone. No sun to be seen! I, fortunately, grabbed a fleece wrap on the way out the door with a sweatshirt for Nicholas and Caroline and a sweater for Allie. They were sitting on the dryer at the back door. My husband told me that it wasn't that bad out and we didn't need coats! We absolutely froze!!!