Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming

I had an interesting memory tonight. I remembered a conversation I had with a woman I used to work with. This was not too long after I had returned to work after Michael was born - so well over 7 years ago.

I remembered remarking to her that I knew what was on a variety of channels at 3am in the morning - specifically "Law & Order" on A&E.

Why did I know that? Because that was usually the time Michael would get up in the middle of the night to eat.

I'm feeling the same way right now about Emma being sick and the amount of time I have spent awake over the past 4 days - I think I've watched "The Devil Wears Prada" about a dozen times now.

Emma still has the bug. Fever is lingering and now she sounds like a pathetic hoarse seal when she tries to talk or coughs. Sure wish she would just kick this bug!! Michael theorized that maybe it had something to do with the rain, since Emma got sick the day it started raining - and its rained for the past 4 days (something it hasn't done since April, not long after her initial diagnosis)

On a NOT sick note, the South Riding Halloween Parade is tomorrow. This parade has typically been scheduled on Saturday, and we usually have missed it due to soccer. Last year, it rained on the scheduled Saturday so they moved it to Sunday. So many people remarked that Sunday was better for them, they decided to keep the parade on Sunday.

So, on Monday of this week, Samantha's dance teacher sends home a note that they are "military" theme in the parade. So, we need a costume. After I made sure Samantha understood that I was NOT going to go purchase a costume for the parade, and she refused to wear the "sequined jacket" that I found in my old dance costumes (from my Senior year), I have managed to cobble together pieces of camoflage from my variety of friends in the neighborhood. While my kids don't have any camoflage clothes, it has been a popular fashion trend in previous years, so I was able to get a pair of pants, a "real" Army brown t-shirt and a "brimmed" hat for her to wear tomorrow.

And its not going to rain - finally!


Jacque said...

My favorite middle-of-night story is Michael remarking from the floor at foot of bed when you turned off the TV - "I was WATCHING that."

The Stopper Family said...

I tell that story a lot and think its quite humorous myself.

Of course, he has good taste - it was Lord of the Rings!!

Whitney said...

LOL, I remember tuning into PBS around 3 am when my son was a baby. They had an educational learning French show on and I remember trying out my French when no one was looking. It was a great refresher course for me.

We don't wear camoflauge either in my household so I can only imagine how hard it would be to come up with an outfit so quickly.

Post a picture or two of her in the parade.