Saturday, October 20, 2007

The newest White Stripe

Michael took his test for his White Stripe belt at Tae Kwon Do last night. This is his 2nd belt. He has moved quickly through the first two. But he loves it so we keep taking him. He pays really good attention and works hard and I'm really seeing the strength coming in his punches and kicks.

The test was tough for him - for two completely unexpected reasons. The first was that there was an adult woman in the class. Michael was fascinated - he didn't know WHY an adult would be in the class. So I finally had to go stand behind the woman to get his attention to tell him to face forward (she was behind him). And then in warmups, he got kicked in the toe and it jammed and I could tell it was hurting him the entire time. Even the instructor noticed that Michael wasn't acting right, but he shook it off and pushed through.

So, he was awarded his White Stripe belt.

One poor boy was "missed" by the instructor when handing out the belts and the boy stood there stoicly, not saying a word, while the instructor gave his final words and dismissed the class, and then the boy started crying. His dad thought that he just didn't earn it for some reason, but the instructor then realized what happened and called him back to award his belt. I sent Michael back in and a few others went back in to applaud and bow to the boy. I was glad that was quickly remedied.


Whitney said...

I hate when accidents like that occur for kids. They get so disapointed and are real troopers about it but it just isn't fair for them. Last week at church the girls and I were up at the alter for communion and my girls don't want to take communion (don't know why) so they cross their arms and usually the priest comes over and blesses them and they are happy but this week they got skipped so I motioned to them to come on and let's go back to the pew and my 5 year old refused to move until she was blessed. The priest noticed them and trotted on over to bless them, but Caroline wouldn't move until she got blessed.

Jacque said...

We are so proud of Michael. Thank you for exposing him to this great discipline.

Granny and Granddaddy

zebrafeet said...

congrats to michael. i hate it when things like that happen. i'm glad you were able to go back in and have michael bow to the other boy. and good for your kid for pushing through a jammed big toe. those hurt like the blazes.