Friday, October 12, 2007

Been very busy!

Updates haven't been coming because we've been busy and I can't seem to get my brain organized. As a result my house isn't organized and often my brain can't get by the unorganized house to think about typing an update.

But, here's the short one.

The kids are doing great with school - they LOVE that my brain isn't always organized because it results in the teacher needing a periodic "mental health day". But, I think I've finally figured out why we can't seem to get to History enough. I've moved it earlier in the day and I'll think we'll get to it more.

Soccer season is in full swing. Both kids are having a great time and have great coaches. We're pretty lucky! The season goes until the first weekend in November and then Michael's team will play in a tournament during the 2nd weekend.

Micahel is thriving in Tae Kwon Do. I'm actually trying to convince him to take a 3rd class a week. He seems to do well at it and focuses, pays attention and shows a lot of respect for the instructors - I thought maybe if he took more classes it would rub off more and we'll see it a little more at home!

Samantha and I spent this past weekend in New York City. Her dance studio organized a trip. We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway (it was great), had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and had a day at Radio City Music hall with a tour (its beautiful) and a session with a Rockette where the girls learned a few routines and then participated in a mock tryout. I'll write more later but we had a great time (and now I appreciate why I like to room alone when I'm out of town)

My volunteer job with the JDRF has kept me busy. But, we've gotten meetings scheduled with most of the Representatives that I'm responsible for (6) and more than half of them have agreed to sign-on to co-sponsor the bill for the Special Diabetes Program. There is a key meeting this coming week with a rep from our area who is on the sub-committee who will take up the bill. We need his support and we need to know that he'll continue to support the bill regardless of where it gets hung when all is said and done. Rumor has it that the bill will be tacked onto a Medicare reauthorization, because certainly funding for research for a disease that afflicts mainly children belongs on a bill for a program that provides Healthcare for Seniors.

Emma's pumping is going well. I think we are seeing trends now that we can finally recognize. Its so much nicer than injections and we're so glad we moved onto the pump. It used to be that numbers in the 200s were no bother for me - 180 was glorious. Now, my demands are higher. I don't like to see numbers in the 200s and I'm seeing a lot more in the 120s - and expect a lot more in the 120s. I feel more confident that her numbers will stay stable and she loves that 4-5 injections a day is replaced by a set change just every other day that she only cries for a moment (and I think that will pass over time)


Martha said...

Sounds like a busy time around your house. Do they still use the HgA1C as an indicator for longer term control? I know that was always an important number for my older patients: less about the day to day ups and downs, but the overall control. Things have changed so much in 20 years. While it still stinks that anyone has to adjust their life to make room for having Diabetes, it seems like there are new things making it a little easier. :)
Keep on keeping on...

Whitney said...

It shouldn't matter where the bill gets attached to as long as it is a shoo-in for being passed.

Glad you all are doing great.

One suggestion about school: why don't you do units in history and in science. Give a unit one or two weeks and only work on that then switch the next unit to the other subject. Then you don't have to worry about getting both in everyday. Do history for two weeks and then switch to science for two weeks. That is how most elementary classrooms do it. That way you can delve in further in your studies of that unit.

The Stopper Family said...

They do still use an A1C. Isn't that an unbelievable test? A simple finger stick and they can tell the average Blood Sugar level for the past 90 days.

Our last one was 8.6, which reflect an average Blood Glucose (BG) level of 198. That wasn't bad for our first one.

We expect our next one, this week, to go UP. When you start pumping, you see a lot more HIGHS while you are calibrating the programming of basal rates and boluses.

After we get the programming set, we'll worry less about the day-to-day numbers and more about the trends. The problem with a child this young is that her body chemistry changes so frequently that it is almost by the time we get it set, her body changes again. Ugh!

I think we are pretty fortunate - we have integrated it into our life and it certainly doesn't drive our every move as it was at the beginning. Maybe one day it won't be something we have to worry about at all!