Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fighting a little bug

Emma is fighting a little bug. The only way I know is that she woke up and her body felt a little hot. The thermometer said 100, which isn't too bad.

But, when we checked her blood sugar, it was elevated. Our first suspicion was a bad pump site. One way you can tell this is to check her "ketone" levels in her blood. We are fortunate to have a blood meter to check this - most people have to use urine strips. Trust me when I tell you that it is beyond difficult to use urine strips with a 2-year-old in diapers.

Anyway, last time Emma had a bad pump site, her ketones went up to 1.6. 1.6 is a bad number and the guide says "call the doctor". Well, that time, it was pretty easy to treat and get her down quickly.

Yesterday, her ketones were at 4.2! That got my heart racing. They were off the charts. We had no explanation for that. I paged the nurse, who called me back quickly. She felt it was clearly due to the fever. But I certainly didn't know they could get that high. She said just to keep giving her insulin (and feeding her if I need to because we don't want her to drop too low from too much insulin) and as long as she is acting ok, then just treat her at home. Well, at the time, she was sitting in front of the TV watching "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" and having a grand old time - I'd say she's acting ok.

We got things cleared out ok yesterday morning. She ran a little high in the afternoon but I wasn't surprised, due to the fever.

But, we went through it again last night. A high blood sugar reading that wouldn't come down. High ketones. This time, Mike moved her pump site and we gave her insulin to clear the ketones. It took another treatment this morning to completely clear them out. But she is clearly tired and still has that fever. If she has it tomorrow, I'm taking her in to make sure she doesn't have a treatable bug, because I don't want her to have to suffer through this all weekend.

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Whitney said...

It is so sad to see a little one sick and not feeling well and then on top of it having to deal with diabetes. My heart goes out to her.