Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well, its unanimous!

All of my kids have loved Teletubbies!

We were first exposed to Teletubbies when Samantha was about a year old - it was on during the time we were getting ready for work, and she would sit mezmerized while it was on.

Michael watched it too - although not a lot because it was no longer on in the morning when we were preparing for work.

Now, with the wonders of technology, we can have an episode of Teletubbies any time we would - with our cable's "On Demand" service. Typically, Emma gets a good dose of "Noggin" in the morning while we are trying to get some lessons done. But even that isn't keeping Emma occupied these days.

Recently, Mike pulled up an episode of Teletubbies for Emma when he wanted her to calm down before bedtime. She was catatonic. She didn't move for the entire episode (much like you see in the photo above!)

She doesn't call it Teletubbies - she calls is "Poe" (one of the characters on Teletubbies). Her favorite part is the baby face in the sun that laughs from time to time - she laughs right along with that baby.

So now, when we need Emma to calm down and sit still (if only for a few minutes), we just have to turn on an episode of Teletubbies and we're set!!

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