Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another milestone - ARGH!

Emma was our last to turn over (6 months - on the dot) and our last to crawl (about 10 months). She was our last to walk and run (walking at 17 1/2 months and just recently running). One milestone she hadn't tackled yet is the stairs.

I have tried numerous times to show her how to climb up and come down on her bottom, but she had no interest. Not only did she have no interest, but she seemed terrified at the prospect.

Perhaps it was the fact that she tackled the feat of climbing on the couch at Oma's and Opa's this weekend. Perhaps its the fact that she has parlayed that into an ability to climb up on our couch. But NOW she has decided that she can climb up the stairs. Last night she just headed for the back stairs and instead of stopping and asking to be picked up, she just kept going...and going...and going - and alas, she was at the top.

While I'm happy that eventually I won't have to carry her up and down the steps anymore, I'll now need go up and down with her each time until she does it consistently without falling - and when I'm not with her, I'll have to put up the gates at the top and bottom because with THIS child, anything is possible!!

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Anonymous said...


Your kids look great. I am so glad homeschooling is going well for you. I am glad you took a look at my new blog. I remember when you had the first kid on the block in 4114 and we were amazed that this is what they really look like. Many kids later, I am still amazed that they are so awesome. Have a great Christmas. I am almost done with my shopping. I do it earlier and earlier every year and life gets so much better. Talk to you soon.