Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The kids had a great time trick-or-treating. Every year, they go out a little bit longer and hit a few more houses.

After I got the obligatory photo on the front stairs - which wasn't easy with Emma looking away and BOTH of my other children blinking at odd times - they kids headed out. I did finally get a good group shot.

I am also sharing individual photos of Michael and Samantha, since I shared an individual one of Emma yesterday.

I wanted to get a photo of Emma walking away to trick-or-treat, but she was too quick for me. She ran DOWN the driveway and down the street after Samantha so fast that Mike had to run to catch up with her. I can't get her to even leave the driveway on a normal day - and we couldn't catch up with her last night.

So Emma went to just the few houses around us and then Mike brought her home. He headed back out with Samantha and Michael for a bit longer before they all returned tired. We have huge piles of candy in the house now - and we are rationing it to the kids so I don't have to peel them off the ceiling in order to get any schoolwork done.

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Jacque said...

What a great job of costuming, especially for the Colonial boy.