Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is today!! Tonight the kids will go trick-or-treating. I will update this post later with photos after they get into costume.

Samantha is dressing up to match her "Samantha" American Girl doll. All of the girls on our street are dressing up with their dolls. Samantha and her doll will be wearing their nightgowns circa 1904. Her doll even has a little "pumpkin" attached to her hand for the occasion.

Michael is dressing up like a colonial boy. It would have CERTAINLY been easier had he decided this WHILE we were in Williamsburg - then I could have bought him some clothes. Instead I have been making them. A local colonial farm has instructions on their web site to make a colonial shirt and breeches using existing clothes. They said to take an old shirt from an adult to make the child's shirt. Well, even one of mine swallowed him, so I have cut parts off, glued others back on, changed my mind 3 times and even bunched it in the back much like a maternity shirt is. But, we have a colonial shirt, as it were. I was able to easily take an old pair of his jeans that fit in the waist but were too short. I cut them off and cut holes in the side to string a shoestring through either side to "bunch" them up. I have tried the pants with a pair of Mike's white socks, but I just don't think they are quite long enough, so I think it will be Samantha's white tights to finish off the legs. I then cut out "buckles" out of gold metallic paper and have strung them through the shoestrings of his black dress shoes. Add his 3-cornered colonial hat and musket and we are set to go. I may be pinning him in and ripping him out when we are finished, but he will BE a colonial boy for the duration of trick-or-treating.

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