Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 4: Wash Out

"Wash Out" is how the weathermen were describing Tuesday in the Williamsburg area. This was the day we had planned to go to Colonial Williamsburg. The rain was due to start late morning and continue the rest of the day and night. We decided we didn't want to deal with that - even for a little while.

After breakfast at the hotel, Emma spent some time in the room with me and Mike took Samantha and Michael for a drive down the Colonial Parkway to Yorktown. Emma took a much-needed morning nap and the kids came back and went swimming. Everyone took an afternoon nap.

We took another drive down to Yorktown and got out to look at a couple of features of the battlefield. The entire area was being set up for the 225th celebration of the surrender at Yorktown, which was occuring on Thursday. Needless to say, we would NOT be going to Yorktown on Thursday. We did get to see some of the defenses and Michael continued to marvel at all the cannons.

We returned to Williamsburg and ate at a restaurant near the Visitor's Center called Huzzah!. Huzzah! was the battle call during the Revolutionary War. This restaurant served a menu that was "a little more colonial"

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