Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 2, and Surprise Number 1

Sunday, October 15th

On our first full day in Williamsburg, we surprised the kids with a trip to Busch Gardens. We love Busch Gardens. We hadn't told the kids in advance because, obviously, we didn't want to be bugged every day and every hour about when we were going to Busch Gardens. We also wish that we could have put this on the END of the trip, but they are only open weekends, so this is when we went. It worked out for the best, actually, the way our other days fell together.

The kids really enjoyed the rides and rode a few more that they hadn't on our previous trip, such as the Battering Ram and the Big Bad Wolf rollercoaster. Emma also finally warmed up to the rides and enjoyed herself on several of the kids rides, like the kiddie swings and the gliders. We like the fact that Italy and "Dragon Land" have a bunch of kids rides together so that we can just spend some time there and have them ride all the rides they want.

We also got a good afternoon nap out of Emma. I think after NOT really napping in the car on the way down, and going to bed late, and NOT having a morning nap - it didn't take much to get her to sleep in the stroller in the afternoon. We didn't have our most comfortable stroller because we knew we would need the jogging stroller for Jamestown and Williamsburg, but she still slept well.

We left the park around dinner time because they had some "Halloween Themed" shows and activities and we thought many of those would be too much for the kids. We had also ridden most of the rides we wanted to ride, so we went ahead and headed back to the car and back to the hotel for dinner and bedtime!

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