Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Sometimes traditions are passed down through generations. Others are new events that you hope to share with your kids and their kids...

Well, last night we celebrated another "Stopper Family Tradition". It was Mike's birthday. We went to Otani, the Japanese steak house not far from the house. It was certainly a nice dinner (although Emma didn't seem too happy to be there), but we don't go too often because its a little pricey!

That said - my kids have decided that Otani is where you go for a birthday. So, we go AT LEAST 4 times a year. And they didn't understand why we didn't go for Emma's birthday, because she certainly likes the food!!

So, anyway, Happy Birthday Mike. I have to keep reminding him that he's getting older. When we talk about "other people" (celebrities, famous people, etc) he will speculate as to their age - and usually suggest merely a year or two older than himself, when all along that person has been 10 or more years older than him - he's just lost track of the fact that he's 38!

PS. Thanks for the card, Mom!

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Mike said...

Thanks. I'm not getting older...just better.