Thursday, July 13, 2006

Camp Week

I planned a couple of "camps" for the kids this summer to give them a chance to do some things they don't otherwise get a chance to do during the year.

This past week, Samantha had horseback riding camp and Michael had basketball camp. Despite the fact that I felt like I was in the car all morning, it actually worked out well (with Michael in camp from 8-11 and Samantha in camp 10-12).

Michael was excited to talk about the types of passes that he learned about, and about dribbling with both hands, and was excited to share that the kids beat the parents in the game at the end of the week (42-10 I believe was the final score!!). He really had a great time and showed us yet another sport that he enjoys (and plays well). And I was so pleased to see what a great sport he was. Whoever on his team had the ball, he was cheering for them to shoot and score! I was really proud.

Samantha loved her horse camp and has already asked to go back. She rode a pony this week named Nikki. She learned how to take care of Nikki, brush her and give her a bath, as well as putting her saddle on and taking it off. In the riding ring, she learned to control the pony, getting her to start and stop and turn as she wanted. She was even able to trot with a guide and was doing very well at "posting" while the horse was trotting. It was fun to watch her ride and made me nostalgic for when I rode horses at summer camp as a child.

It was a nice week for the kids to have some activities, and I was able to get a few things done around the house, but it will be nice for things to be a little "lower key" this coming week as we really have nothing planned!

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