Monday, July 31, 2006

Emma's vacation

Emma has been a riot on this vacation. She has been cruising the entire main floor of Emily's house - always with Bella the dog on her trail like a "mother hen". Bella is very worried about Emma all the time and comes running every time Emma cries even a little bit. I saw Bella laid out asleep in the middle of the floor tonight and I remarked to Emily that Ed must have worn her out tonight - and Emily said she felt certain that it was Emma that wore Bella out.

Emma hasn't been a big fan of the pool. As a matter of fact, that is an understatement. When I take her into the pool with me, she grabs hold of each of my bathing suit straps and holds on for dear life, and tucks her head into my neck hiding her face. I have been able to pry her off of me a couple of times and give her a dunk or too - she comes up every times with really big eyes from looking underwater. But that said, she LOVES to sit on the steps into the pool, or the "shelf" at the end of the pool. She sat there for a long time throwing the ball, playing with the torpedo, or just splashing the water around - as far as she was concerned, that WAS the pool.

But the funniest thing is that Emma LOVES Ed. Its not in and of itself funny except when you compare it to the fact that she REALLY doesn't like strangers and didn't even want Aunt Emmy coming anywhere near her when we saw her at the airport. But, the minute she saw Ed, she ran up to him and "asked him" (in her best Emma speak" to hold her - they sat in the recliner for a long time together and Emma just loved sitting there with Ed!

So Emma has certainly had a good vacation - and we have worn her out. She is sleeping in a pack-n-play in my closet (so that it is sufficiently dark and quiet) and I had to wake her up from BOTH naps today so that she would sleep tonight!

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