Sunday, July 23, 2006

Old Friends!

I have two old friends from when I worked at AMS - Jill and Karen. I hadn't seen either of them in a long time, since they have both gone to other companies and I stopped working. A few weeks back I was getting nostalgic and contacted each of them about getting together.

So our 3 families got together for a cookout this evening at our house. It was nice to see them and we comfortably fell back into conversations about the kids, our houses, our jobs and other friends we had from our jobs. Our families have certainly changed, as all of our "older kids" have grown so much since we've seen them, and the Cinibulks (and the Stoppers) have added a new member of the family. Emma, incidentally, loved playing with Karen's 2 year old Kyle - she hugged him and he said "Bye Bye Mema" when they left.

And can you believe I don't have one picture to show for it!

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