Friday, May 09, 2008

Dance Competition

After the piano recital this past Fri night, Samantha and I headed South - 5 hours South - to Fayetteville, NC for her dance competition.

This is the first year her teacher chose to attend a convention that had dance workshops in the morning and then competition in the afternoon / evening. The classes were great and I think Samantha learned a lot, but it made for another long night, as all of the competition dances weren't completed and the awards given until well after midnight!

Samantha performed in 5 dances:
Stomp - Funk Tap dance based on the Broadway show with trashcans and buckets!
Beautiful People - Jazz
Paquita - Ballet
Love and War - Lyrical Ballet
Step in Time - Tap

Lyrical Ballet: Love and War

Left - Jazz: Beautiful People. Right - Ballet: Paquita

My favorite, by far, was Step in Time. It is based on the dance in Mary Poppins. It was a large group of girls - about 18 of them. They even had some of the signature chimney sweep kicks like Dick Van Dyke in the movie. I loved it.

That said, they actually performed quite well in all of the dances. Its clear they have been working hard. They were scored by professional dancers using a professional scale - and did very well. In addition to great marks, they earned a 3rd place award for Small Groups for their Stomp tap and 2nd place award for Line Groups for Step in Time. Quite impressive.

Left: Step in Time. Right: Stomp


Jacque said...

Great pictures of the performances. Samantha is advancing beautifully.

Michelle said...

Wow Nancy - great pictures! What's your secret?

When I take pictures of dance recitals they look awful.

agent713 said...

Awesome shots! Looks like a fun time!