Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nature takes care of itself

A while back, Mike realized that some robins had built a nest where two of our rose bushes grew together. It wasn't too surprising - we have lots of robins in our yard and they seem to have survived the drought of this spring/summer.

A few weeks back, Mike noticed eggs in the nest and now there are babies in the nest! At first he thought it was only two but now it is clearly three. Once in a while, we see mama bird bring food to the babies but most of the time, its just the babies. I have stood and watched them for a while - they will be sitting there with their mouths partially open and then think they hear something, and all go crazy with their mouths wide open, climbing over each other, thinking mama bird is coming to feed them.

As long as we leave them alone, these birds should grow and eventually leave the nest, probably to contribute to the poop on our mailbox with the other robins. But for now, they wait patiently for mama bird to bring them dinner!


Kaesmom said...

Awww... look how sweet they are!!

agent713 said...

Cool! Great shot too.