Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Severe thunderstorms are pretty much a given each Spring in our area. We have been fortunate that we haven't had any this Spring - until this week. We had a small one yesterday and a doozy today. In the course of 30 minutes, we went from overcast to hail, tornado warnings, swirling winds (yes, in the course of 10 minutes it went from blowing one direction to blowing the other). And then it was gone.

But, alas, so is the weepy willow tree. We have small hopes that we can right it and replant it, but I don't have much confidence in that happening. :(


Hokie Gal said...

Oh no. I hope you can fix the tree.

Anonymous said...

Loved that tree.


Nicole said...

Wow. That is quite a storm to blow over that kind of tree. How sad.