Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dance Recital

Samantha participated in her 7th dance recital this weekend. She is a member of the Senior Company at the South Riding Dance Academy. Because of this, she participated in both recitals (Sat night and Sun afternoon). We attended the Saturday one as a family (Nancy, Mike, Michael, Granny, and Granddaddy) and I helped out backstage at the Sunday show.

Granddaddy and I laughed over our shots of the backs of heads that we took at the Sat show, so I scooted into the auditorium on Sun to get a few more shots - most were much better.

She performed tap and ballet (shown below) and jazz (pictured above). And by the way, Mom and Dad, it was even hotter in the auditorium today - if that is even possible!


Jacque said...

Loved the recital. Glad no extra heads in these pictures.


Lee said...

GREAT shots! So hard to get good photos in an auditorium. Good job. Now, how did you manage to post multiple photos is the big question!

VA Friend said...

Oh my, She looks sooo much like you!! Beautiful!!