Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Michael!!

Michael turns 7 today!!

I will post photos of his birthday party at (ugh) Chuck-e-Cheese later this evening. What he doesn't know is that he has a new bicycle hidden in the shed in the backyard for his birthday. He learned how to ride without training wheels quite easily a few weeks ago (we should have taken them off long ago, but we hadn't). When we looked at his bicycle yesterday, we realized it was a 16" bicycle and he needs at least at 20" bicycle. I think he'll be pretty excited when he sees it.

Samantha also picked out a present for him - a baseball hitting machine for him to practice hitting. She mentioned that was what she wanted to get him, so we made sure!!

7 years ago, it was raining on Saturday morning at 6am when I called the doctor in labor. We spent most of the day in the L&D room at Fair Oaks Hospital and at 5:21pm, Michael was born. That is probably about the time we will be singing Happy Birthday to him at Chuck-e-Cheese!!

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