Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's BACK down to 80 degrees!!

Well, you would think a statement like that would be made in a conversation about the outside weather. Now that Noah has packed up the ark and the animals are back home, it has gotten hot and steamy outside.

But, unfortunately, that wasn't part of a conversation about the weather - it was part of a conversation about our upper level!! Yes, that's right - it was 88 degrees on the top floor of our house today! Turns out - our air conditioner upstairs hasn't been working since Sunday. Its a good thing that we have the AC for the main floor because otherwise, it would be absolutely miserable in the house.

Calls to the repairman on Monday (after we confirmed for sure that it indeed was getting hotter and not cooler in the bedroom) yielded us a repair appointment for FRIDAY - I took the 7-9am time slot in hopes that it would be fixed and we could spend the rest of the day cooling the upstairs.

Sunday night was tolerable upstairs, Monday was uncomfortable, yesterday was marginal but LOUD due to the large fan that Mike had placed in the hallway blowing into our room. But, we had been having tropical rains during that time that, for the most part, had kept the temperature a little lower. Tonight is just miserable. We put Emma to bed in the pack-n-play in the basement after her two naps ended with her sweaty and red faced from the heat. So, I'll be sleeping in the basement with her - do you think I need the flannel jammies?

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