Friday, June 30, 2006

Dance recital!!

Last weekend, Samantha danced in her 6th dance recital. Each year the recital seems to get better and better - the dances are better, they are more coordinated, the sets are better.

Samantha was in four dances: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Lyrical.

Her teacher also added something new this year that I really liked - an opening number that involved her two oldest "competition" groups. The put the dance together in a mere 3 weeks and it really was great - I like to see a full stage with lots of dancers working together.

My limited exposure to dance instructors/choreographers has taught me one thing - dance teachers clearly have a style that they are best at. Samantha's teacher is clearly best at tap - I LOVED the tap dance that Samantha's class did this year and it was clear that the girls had a good time doing the dance.

So, we get about 4 weeks off before the 5-week summer dance camp!

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