Sunday, April 03, 2011

I am not a bowler!

Really, I'm not. I am in a bowling league because Mike is a bowler and well, this is more of a social league than a bowling league

I started off by saying my average was a great golf score!

We are almost done with our second year of bowling. I've gotten better. Still not good, but better

We had to bowl 6 games yesterday. Power Bowling - just the two of us on two lanes. We had to make up 3 games last week we missed for Michael's baseball tournament and 3 for next week we are missing for Little League Opening Day.

6 games - in 70 minutes.
That's about a game every 11 minutes.
That's a frame every minute - you do the math

It was quite a workout. With 10 lb weights!

By the end, I was convinced how out of shape I was, and my right arm was physically sore from throwing weights for an hour.

But, I had all six games over 100. My average before this was 86. Not any more.
In one game I had a Turkey (for non-bowlers, this is 3 strikes in a row). I took a picture because that was never gonna happen again.

By the 6th game, I knew I was cooked. I hit 3 pins on the first ball and 3 more to finish the first frame. My arm was tired.

But, somehow I managed to bowl the best game I have EVER bowled - 166. I took a picture because, frankly, I doubt I'll ever see that score again, or that many marks in a single game. I have had entire 3-game series with fewer marks than this one game.

And my arm is STILL tired!

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