Friday, March 25, 2011

The boys of ... Winter?

So, we are scheduled to play our first baseball tournament of the spring season this weekend.

It's been rained out the past two years - two years ago, we got to play one game on Friday night IN THE RAIN before they cancelled the rest of the tournament. Last year, they cancelled it on Thurs evening due to rain during the week contributing to soggy fields that wouldn't be dry in time.

So, here we are Friday morning. It hasn't rained since Wednesday. But, it also hasn't been above 45 degrees. Water certainly has a hard time drying up when its cold.

And on Sunday they are calling for an inch of snow on grassy areas! EEK!

So, do you think they'll give us flourescent-colored baseballs (like they have in softball) so we can see them if they land in the snow!

It's gonna be a COLD one!

EDITED ON Sunday: So, we played two games yesterday in the C-oo-llll-dddd! The second one was miserable. The snow in the forecast for Sun morning convinced us there was no way we were playing. We got a one hour delay at 6:15am while the snow was coming down. At 7:15 we got the word we were on for 9am. Just won that game and waiting to see if we make the top 4 seeds for the semi-finals!

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