Monday, October 27, 2008

It must be in our blood

To say that I grew up around baseball would be an understatement. My dad started and ran leagues, coached teams, organized events, and even coached an AAU team that won a state tournament and competed in the National AAU tournament. I kept score for years, for both Little League games and our high school baseball team.

Mike grew up in Williamsport, PA - home of Little League baseball - need I say more.

We are both happy that Michael is interested in baseball, since we both like it so much. We have cheered through many seasons of soccer with Samantha and Michael and enjoyed watching the games. But I haven't felt nearly the excitement at any of the "fast-paced", always moving soccer games as I have at most of Michael's recent travel baseball games.

Many say that baseball is boring. Not much action and lot of standing around. Then why is my stomach in knots just wishing Michael's team to just get one more out before the other team scores another run? To just WILL the boys to hit the ball and not get out, and to cheer loudly when a steal turns into another base?

It must be in our blood.

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