Friday, February 08, 2008

Good homeschool week

Well, I can certainly say that my standards for a good week have changed over the past year and a half, especially with all the extra that we have had to take on with Emma.

The past month or so has been difficult. One or the other of us seems to always be sick, there have been any NUMBER of doctor's and other appointments, and just when I would feel like we are getting in a groove, we get derailed again.

This was a good homeschool week.

The first day was actually a carry over from the last day last week, that was yet another sick day. But, we actually have five good days in a row. I did all of the lessons with the kids all week, including everything that involved me (which is always the areas that I fall short on). We are catching up with where I'd like to be in history and we have finally started a science program. So, all in all a good week.

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Whitney said...

Yeah, A good homeschool week!! I know that can be hard sometimes.

I have missed your updates and was glad to see that you blogged!!