Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gold-stripe belt

I am a bit behind in my updating so I'm going to update with some random events that have happened in the past month.

Michael earned his next Tae Kwon Do belt. He is now a "Gold Stripe". This is basically halfway between Gold and Green. They "break the curriculum up" into two parts, I think, to give the kids something "closer" to strive for. Michael earned this pretty quickly, considering there were lots of weeks of limited classes due to the holidays and our trip to Disney

Once he earns his next belt, I have to change the class schedule, which is a shame because I like the times he goes now. But most of the classes he attends are for "low belts" and when he gets his next belt, he will no longer be a "low belt"

You may notice the black uniform among the sea of white uniforms. Michael joined the "Elite" program, which means he can go an unlimited number of times in a week (right now, he goes 5), and he gets to go to an additional "Elite" class. They focus on additional physical fitness, leadership skills, and weapons. He really enjoys it and because I changed the way I was paying from monthly to all up front, it actually didn't cost me anymore to upgrade - I just had to go ahead and pay for the year.

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