Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Update

We started Emma on her pump last Tuesday. Its been going good. I think we've had all the predicted challenges - changing meal ratios, changing baseline insulin, bad sites, lots of readings, the entire nine yards.

But despite the significant (supposedly temporary) increase in blood sugar testing that we have to do, I still think this is so much better than injections. Yesterday the nurse called to make a few changes while we were at the soccer field. I just called Emma over, pushed a few buttons and we were good to go.

Each time I call her over to "push some buttons on her pump", she says "No more shots?" and we do a little cheer.

With the other kids, we are going full force with school right now. I'm finally getting some plans loaded into my software so I can print out lesson plans - Samantha prefers this. We are also knee-deep into soccer, dance, piano, PE, drama, art, and Tae Kwon Do

Michael earned his first Tae Kwon Do belt this past weekend - his white belt. He was quite proud. The lead instructor, when speaking to them about respect, said that the respect has to go home too. He told them that they had to bow (to show respect) to their family when they left or that belt would be coming right back off!! Michael bowed to Samantha the minute he walked out of the door.

That's a quick update for now - more to come soon!

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tosin said...

A close friend of mine has the insulin pump, and he loves it.
I am glad it is working so well for Emma.