Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pump Start in 6 days!!

We are excited. Emma will be going on her insulin pump in 6 days. We are looking forward to this as we really believe this will make our lives so much easier. It will also give us some greater control with Emma as the pump can be so much more precise in her dosing than we ever can.

We had our training yesterday on the pump. While it seems intimidating, its really not that difficult to use. I have been wearing it now 24 hours and I have been given a steady "basal" dose of saline (for the test) and given myself doses for meals and to correct readings out of range. I have overriden the suggestion of the machine, taken it as is, and even cancelled a dose mid-stream. I even slept in it last night - it wasn't too bad.

I will wear it for a couple more days and then Mike will wear it - and yes, he will be putting in Emma's meals and dosing himself for her food as well (all with saline). Then Emma will be put on it with saline and we will practice dosing her with saline at the same time we are still giving her insulin shots. And then we go in next Tuesday and we start her insulin doses on the pump. Yay!!

A recent email from a friend made me realize that there is so much that people don't know about diabetes or diabetics. My next post will be geared to educate folks about diabetics, diabetes, and what Emma's life will be like as a diabetic (and what it could be like if we didn't have the advances we have today)

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zebrafeet said...

yeah! i'm so happy that things are going well with the pump. i'll keep crossing my fingers.