Thursday, September 09, 2010

I apologize in advance

I don't usually opine here about things I view in society (I reserve those for Facebook and my mutually snarky friends) ...

... but I will NEVER think its right to see a 4-year-old child standing in a restaurant playing a Nintendo DS.

I absolutely believe these types of things ROT THE BRAINS of kids.

My kids were around 9 when they got their Nintendo DS. Their computer time is limited and they are automatically disconnected when their time is up. "Screen time" is one of the first things to go when they can't behave. My 13-year-old still doesn't have a cell phone (*gasp*) and she's not on Facebook like all the younger kids.

I firmly believe the development of a child's brain is dependent on interaction. Interaction that involves all of their senses, their creative side, their imagination. They can't develop enough "educational games" to offset what I believe is lost when a child spends hours a day staring at a little screen.

So there, I've said it. Probably lost 4 of my 6 followers with my "narrow minded" view of parenting but, boy, I just can't stand to walk in somewhere and see what I consider a "baby" playing a video game so that Mama doesn't have to pay attention to him.


happylittlewonders said...

I'm with you. :) We can bask in our backwards parenting ways together.

(BTW, I am Cherry Limeade over at SC) and even more fun? My word verification is "chery." I think the interwebs are stalking me.

Anonymous said...

i'm with you. my one nephew has a leapster for when they fly. other than that? the whatever it is called didn't ENTER the house until 3 years ago (when they were 11 & 9) and only then for pouring down rain days. but then again, you have this INSANE idea like i do: personal responsiblity. neither of my sibs let their kids on FB (ok, one IS 4) and their IM is only for me/their dad/my parents before/after school when they are in their mom's classroom. - your favorite birthday twin who forgot her password!

KHM said...

hey, welcome to my club. I feel like a leper in my 'hood because my 12-year old has no cell phone and i don't intend for her to have one of her own for some time. I'm considering a family "flex" phone that can be handed over as she begins to do things like being dropped off at movie theaters and picked up by other parents but that's it. Definitely no texting.

My CWD, Lindsay, DID get an iPod Touch last summer, principally because she needed help with practicing math facts and sight words and there are some great diabetes apps available. Its been a great thing for her.

like you, we definitely limit exposure and those privileges evaporate pretty quickly when behavior goes downhill. The kids' internet access is extremely constrained and definitely no Facebook!

(btw--I'm KHM at CWD as well; I'm scouting about here as we're considering making the home school leap...)