Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"We have ... weak ... trees!" (a favorite line from "The Money Pit"). Well, that seems to be the case in our yard.

We lost two trees in the February blizzard. I think the really wet ground, heavy snow on the top branches, and strong winds were just too much. We were just thankful that they didn't fall on our house or the neighbor's houses.

As soon as it warmed up, the snow melted, and the ground hardened enough for folks to get in the back yard without sinking into a swamp, we got them taken out. We considered whether we could upright the large one and attempt to salvage it, but the recommendation would includ taught metal wires to hold the tree up, mounted in the ground 10 feet away from the tree, for more than a year. Uh, ok, thanks but no.

So, now we have an even bigger open space in our backyard. We'll put something back in, we just haven't decided what that would be yet.

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