Monday, February 08, 2010

27", 2 trees, 4 bushes and more to come

So, the final tally from the snowstorm this weekend.

27" of snow
2 large trees in the backyard down (uprooted)
4 arborvitae bushes on the side - 6' tall - down. At least one has a split trunk

Loudoun County has closed schools for the remainder of the week. They believe it will take through through the weekend to get the parking lots cleared.

Tuesday's forecast into Wednesday mid-day is for another 10-20" of snow!

Shoot, we've had winters where we didn't get that much all winter, and here we are with our potentially 4th storm.
-- Dec 19: 22"
-- Jan 30: 4"
-- Feb 3: 6"
-- Feb 5-6: 27"
-- Feb 10: 10-25" (predicted)

Is it spring yet?

I just walked down to a friend's house about 1/2 mile away. I saw geese flying overhead in a V formation. I think they've decided its got to be better in Canada than it is here right now, and they're headed home.

Damn that groundhog!

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agent713 said...

The geese are right. In my part of Canada (where the Olympics are) it's beautiful spring weather :D