Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Straight As!

Samantha returned to public school this year after three years of homeschooling. We've had an adjustment in a lot of areas, including an adjustment by me to not actually knowing what she's studying since I'm not the one teaching her.

She brought home her first quarter report card - All As. This includes two classes for high school credit (Latin and Algebra) and two additional honors classes! We are very proud. Samantha hadn't gotten any "letter" grades in elementary school before we started homeschooling, this is the first real time she's had a bunch of assignments with individual grades that add up to an overall grade.

Good Job, Samantha!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy. What a beautiful family. I was thinking about you and Mike this past week and got a Facebook invite from him. I hope all is well. Take a look at our pics from his FB page. I can't believe our kids have grown up so much. Carol