Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Back to School

Its almost time for "Back to School". For us, this year's back to school will be a bit different - as Samantha is LITERALLY going back to school. After homeschooling for 3 years, she will be going to Middle School this year. And the adventure is heightened because they redistricted the area middle schools and all the kids from our immediate area are going to a different middle school.

She received her school schedule last week - twice - because there was one class that I didn't think was right. She starts off every other day with Algebra 1 and Latin 1 - fun for her!! I'm thinking those will be big homework days!

I was going to start up with Michael this week, but decided instead to register him in a last minute baseball camp at a facility I really like a lot. We hadn't been there since lessons last fall, but within 5 minutes I was reminded why I liked it so much. The men that run the facility are so good at working with the kids - they help them understand the "what and how" of what they are teaching them, and this year they have incorporated lessons about leadership. Even on the table in the lobby are books about raising gentlemen out of your boys!

Emma's preschool starts up in about 2 weeks. We already have her "first day of school" outfit picked out and she has agonized for weeks about WHICH lunchbox she should use to take her lunch!

Dance, art, and piano will all be starting up soon too - I guess it really is almost fall! Where did the summer go!?

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