Thursday, July 09, 2009

Red Belt!

Michael recently had his graduation test for his Tae Kwon Do Red Belt. The Red Belt is a pretty big milestone because its the last belt before Black. Once they earn their Red Belt, the requirements and testing needed to get to Black Belt are a bit different that previous belt progressions.

In addition to learning the new skills and form for the Red Belt level, in order to earn a Black Belt, Michael needs to "re-learn" all the skills and forms from all of his previous belt levels, demonstrate each of these in several belt tests, and ultimately write an essay answering questions about things he has learned in Tae Kwon Do.

We're all pretty proud of his earning his Red Belt - this is a major accomplishment and we look forward to the next step - Black Belt

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CloverGirl said...

What a fantastic accomplishment!! You can tell he's very proud of his hard work in the picture where he's getting the belt. What a smile.