Sunday, March 01, 2009

For need of toilet paper

They are finally calling for a decent snowstorm tonight - now that its March, of course! I have wanted a good 8"-12" snow storm all winter to no avail. Now we are supposed to get one tonight. I hope we do.

People in Washington, DC get a little crazy when the weather gets bad here. When it starts snowing, people start driving like complete idiots on the road - and I mean idiots. There is a DJ on the local radio station who as a joke comes on when the first flakes blow, yelling "The snow is coming. Abandon your vehicles where they are and walk to safety". Yes, people have been known to abandon their vehicles on the beltway because the snow made it difficult traveling. I don't get it.

But the funniest thing is the run on milk, bread, and yes, toilet paper at the first sign of snow. Like we are going to get snowed in for so long that the 24-roll pack isn't going to be enough.

We were already stocked up on milk, bread, and of course toilet paper, so we'll happily stay AWAY from the grocery store today and enjoy the snow coming down - when it actually STARTS coming down, that is.


Jacque said...

Coming down heavy in Franklin Co. Glad you're excited about it. I'm not.

Think it is caused by scheduled demonstration in DC for tomorrow to protest global warming.

CloverGirl said...

I hope you get enough snow for the kids to have a ball and build a snowman!!

And I have to laugh at the comments about milk,. bread and tp. Here in MI...where we get this snow ALL the time...people do the same thing. I just don't get it.