Thursday, January 22, 2009

My son, the engineer

We have remarked for a while that we think Michael is going to be an engineer when he grows up. When we ride rides at Disney World, he spends most of the ride looking at the mechanics of the ride. And he loves to build things.

He compalins a lot these days that he's bored, since its been basically too cold to play outside. My threats of finding some cleaning for him to do are usually met with his running off to find something to do.

The other day he found his box of math manipulatives and decided to build something. The result - the teddy bear movie theater, complete with large screen and stadium seating for all teddy bears. Click on the photos for better detail of the bears in the seats - they are color-matched so its tough to see!


Jacque said...

That is so clever!

Kaesmom said...

We've always said dd is going to be an engineer too. I have pictures of her as a toddler looking up at the mechanisms of a carousel instead of oohing and aahhing over the pretty horse. :) Today, one of her favorites shows is "How It's Made" on TLC (or maybe it's Discovery).