Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Drama Production

A couple of weeks ago, our homeschool group put on its most recent productions. Samantha was in two of the plays: "Much Ado about Ants" in which she was a vacuum cleaner saleswoman, and "Old Man River", in which she was one of the girls in the family.

We had a great time getting the costume and hair together for "Old Man River". It was set in the late 1940s. So, wearing an old poodle skirt of mine with the poodle removed, a white blouse, and flat shoes, Samantha was fixed for a costume. But then there was her hair. She has straight, long, fine hair - nothing like it was worn in the late 1940s. So, after a few experiments with rollers, we were able to get some curls in her hair. She slept in curlers and we pinned in the curls when we took out the curlers, and pulled the pins just before her play. Assisted with a lot of hair spray, I think her hair kept pretty well.

Unfortunately, the camera batteries died after about the 2nd picture that I took. So, I had to depend on the generosity of others who had photos that included Samantha. I don't have any from "Much Ado about Ants" yet, but I do have a few to share from "Old Man River".

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