Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy 9 months Emma!

Happy Birthday Emma. You had your 9 month birthday. It feels outside a lot like the day you were born - its getting cold outside. That is about the only thing the same between then and now. You are certainly a lot larger, weighing in at 22 pounds and 29 1/2" long (off the charts tall). The Doctor was quite impressed with your "Buddha Belly", as he called it! You are into everything now - I can't keep my basket of diapers under the table, nor magazines on the table because even though you can't crawl, you sure can "scooch" and "roll" and get close to where you want to be. The crawling will come soon enough - too soon for me. I'll have to get back out the baby gates and put everything in the family room away. You have much more hair than you did 9 months ago - and its forming a little curl on the top of your head. We also love the way you interact with your world. You have figured out that if you cover your face with your blanket, and then pull it down, we will laugh and smile - and that makes you smile - and do it again!! And, you certainly love your brother and sister a lot. 9 months is a very fun age!!

And, of course, I couldn't resist sharing this great photo of you and your brother!

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