Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween Came Early in South Riding

After several years of conflicts with soccer, Samantha was finally able to march in the Halloween Parade with the dance school. Heather decided that the Jr. Elite company would dance to "Werewolves in London" while the Sr. Company would dance to "Ghostbusters." So after searching the internet, and buying a "mullet wig" and monster hands at Target, and cutting up an old pair of Samantha's jeans and an old T-shirt of mine, we came up with a pretty creative costume for Samantha - I thought she was the best werewolf in the group!

Back to the parade - although I think calling it a parade is an overstatement - it is a massive throng of people walking down the street from the sales center in South Riding to the Town Green. The parade was headed up by the fire trucks from the Arcola Fire Department, followed by the dance school and then the neighborhood's first marching band - the marching band from the new Freedom High School. Perhaps the worst part was the weather - it was 45 degrees with 15 mile per hour winds, which put the wind chill at freezing - and boy was it ever. I think Emma was the only one sufficiently dressed. After the parade reached the Town Green, we quickly retreated to the warmth of the van and headed home for showers and on to the next event of the day - Samantha's soccer game!

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